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Legal Services

  • Business Law

    We offer a custom perspective to your business

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  • Criminal law

    Well-thought-out solutions for sensitive situations

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  • Litigation

    Pleading with passion in your interest

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  • Public procurement

    Assistance in public procurement proceedings

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  • Immigration law

    We assist in obtaining the necessary immigration documents

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  • Setting up Romanian companies

    Company formation made easy

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  • Workforce immigration

    Worforce from Nepal

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Why choose us?

Portret Bogdan Trăilescu

We always put your interest first, so you can take full advantage of our expertise and experience in your endeavors.

We have previously worked in internationally renowned law firms, such as Allen&Overy and Kinstellar (formerly Linklaters).

Regardless of your needs, whether they are of a criminal nature or whether they are about your business or simply commercial in nature, our ability to solve them in a simple, fast and efficient way, will ensure the best possible result under the respective conditions.

Our range of services gives us the opportunity to offer your company all-inclusive subscription-based legal services, thus replacing the need for an entire legal department for your company.

Our expertise, experience and passion have led over time to a percentage of won client cases, which can only guarantee that you will benefit from the best legal services when it comes to dispute resolution.

If you are looking for quality legal services, you have found the right and competent partner for your requests.

We look forward to working together.



I have a legal issue, what should I do?

Contact us at the phone number +40.721.364.149 (including WhatsApp), at the e-mail address or by filling in the form below and we will present you the solutions that solve your problem.

I know exactly what I want to do, what are the next steps?

You will conclude a legal assistance contract with us that will include our fee, as well as our ability as lawyers to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue in your interest.

What are your fees for civil litigations?

In the case of civil litigation, our fee is fixed per court term or procedural phase, combined with a successful fee (additional amount payable only in case of winning the litigation).

The fixed fee is payable before each court term or, as the case may be, the procedural phase, and the successful fee, after winning the case.

What are your fees for criminal cases?

In the case of criminal cases, our fee is fixed per court term or procedural phase, combined or alternatively with an hourly fee. The hourly fee may or may not be limited to a certain maximum amount per day, week or month.

The fixed fee is payable before each court term or, as the case may be, each procedural phase, and the hourly fee, periodically (weekly, monthly or quarterly), after issuing the related invoice.

What are your fees for general legal advice?

In the case of general legal advice, our fee is fixed per mandate (such as: contract drafting, contract analysis, setting up a company, etc.) or hourly. The hourly fee may or may not be capped per day, week or month.

The fixed fee is payable after the end of the mandate, and the hourly fee, periodically (weekly, monthly or quarterly), after issuing the related invoice.

Do you also offer subscriptions? What are the fees?

We also offer our clients subscriptions, which may include legal services in one or more of the following categories: civil litigation, criminal proceedings or general legal advice.

The fee is fixed and monthly, regardless of the volume of services provided by us in that month, within a capped amount of worked hours.

The advantage of the subscription is the reduced hourly rate and represents an ideal solution for companies intending to outsource their legal department to us.

The monthly fee of these subscriptions is usually much lower than the cost you would have by hiring legal advisers and is an ideal solution to minimize your legal costs, while benefiting from our legal expertise.

What is the amount of the fees mentioned above?

The fee amount of each type of service or subscription is specified in our presentation. To obtain a copy of this presentation, please contact us by one of the means mentioned in the answer to the first question above.



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Address: 57 Iuliu Maniu Blvd., bl. OD16, en. E, 2nd floor, app. 188, Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania